Wisconsin Scaryland - Madison's Only Professional Haunted House


At the height of the 1919 mental health epidemic, Westport’s local hospital was at full capacity with mental patients.
Belladonna Strange was one of the most challenging among them. A Satan-worshiper, she believed she was all-powerful even though nurses and other patients thought her to be nothing more than disturbed.
The clowns who were there to cheer up sick patients were sucked into that underworld, left to perform their circus from hell.  Westport chose to ignore the terror inside for the safety of the citizens outside.
After five weeks, the souls of the clowns, nurses and patients were sucked permanently into the underworld, filled with deep dark tunnels and horrors.  The portal was then satisfied and closed, leaving their bodies behind.
The citizens dug a mass grave to bury the dead and the horror of that day, but it is said the portal will open up exactly 100 years later.  Do you have the courage to see what happened to these lost souls?
That changed early on the morning of September 27, 1919, when she opened a portal to the underworld. Strange began screaming satanic chants, and nurses quickly swarmed her room.  Each one who tried to approach the woman was either killed or possessed by the demons she had summoned from the torture- and death-filled underworld.
The Underworld Awakening