Haunted History

Your nightmare begins by checking in with reception at the HOTEL FUEGO, and ascending to its 13th floor. From there, you wind your way down underneath the Hotel where we have unearthed an ancient MINESHAFT. Finally, your way back to the surface reveals CARNEVIL OF THE DAMNED - and hopefully - escape with your life.

13 Nights of Fight - 2016 Wisconsin Scaryland


Hotel Fuego at ScaryLand 2016


Circa 1926, this oddly located meat packing plant, and it's owner, were forced to close when big competition came to town. Thought to be condemned and abandoned for decades, the property suddenly raised itself as a hotel in 1945. Rumors soon spread through Madison that lured locals and weary travelers alike had disappeared. Upon check-in, or abduction as it were, guests would become subject to vicious experiments of twisted vengeance, taken by the slighted owner of the former meat packing plant known only as "The Butcher". Those tenants who survived their extended stay were driven mad by some dark force and have turned their hotel rooms into morbid galleries, individual reflections of their own warped and grotesque minds. Others attempted to scrape and claw their way out, only to reveal the Butcher's secret underground complex, dropping themselves further into an insane reality that had started as a relaxing getaway.



Mineshaft at ScaryLand2016

The guests that scraped their way through the floors and walls of Fuego, only burrowed further into their own bloody nightmare. The shaft dug deep into the earth is where the Butcher takes his victims, dragging them screaming down into the depths of the earth where he sacrifices his prizes to a dark and malevolent god. In the darkness, strange creatures lurk, waiting feast on those unfortunate enough to wander into the depths of the mine shaft.

Yet longing for his beloved trade, and increasing need to destroy piling  evidence, the butcher devised an ingenious plan. And so he lured a rogue Circus who found itself with an opportunity to save a fortune by purchasing “discount” hamburger meat.

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carnevil's big chop circus at ScaryLand 2016

In 1946, a travelling carnival found Hotel Fuego --and it's proximity to the State Capitol and University -- a perfect location to entertain the people of the greater Madison area with clowns, games, and fun. However, the longer they stayed the more twisted the carnival became. Bright happy clowns became dark, twisted creatures, looking for screams instead of laughs. The carnival workers became deformed, horrific beings who take great pleasure in the suffering of their patrons. Stray dogs and rats that roamed the fair grounds only added to the repugnant smells wafting from the red and white striped tents. It was no surprise to locals when people started getting “sick” from eating the food there, but what followed turned even the strongest of stomachs. 

Police reports indicated the attraction was shut down when a massive outbreak of cannibalism and violence occurred throughout the carnival.

No one could determine the cause of the sickening violence except to guess it may have been linked to the rotting meat found stockpiled and festering inside the circus tents.

The gates were closed and chained off to the public with a giant “Condemned” sign hanging above the entrance.

However, locals will tell you if you listen carefully at night, you can still hear the sounds of the old carousel and smell the odor of grilled "meat" in the air.

Step right up... If you dare!!