Wisconsin Scaryland - Madison's Only Professional Haunted House

The Edge of Insanity

Once a Grand Hotel and Fun Park, this abandoned complex has sat idle for decades.


Last open to the public in late 1974, until the infamous Westport Murder Spree forced local law enforcement to permanently shut the doors.

As some of you may recall, the spree was a ritualistic and methodical purge of the wealthy residents of Westport, and was carried out by a group called the Edge of Insanity. 

In October of 1974, over 54 residents from nearby homes and businesses attended a cocktail party of sorts in the Hotel - celebrating 100 years of business.

Unbeknownst to the guests, the party was a ruse, orchestrated by The Edge of Insanity, and was designed to lure the victims to what has since been called “The world’s largest group sacrifice”. 

According to legend, after the last guest entered, the doors were barred, and Clevis Thorne (a freak show Gypsy) took the floor and delivered a terrifying speech.

He told the guests that they had suckled on the teat of the town for long enough, and a great purging was going to unfold that evening. He told them that they could accept their fate, or fight it until the end, but either way, each one of the 54 guests was going to be slaughtered.

Women began shrieking and running wildly. Some of the men started screaming at Clevis, but Clevis calmly left the great room, and locked the door behind himself - leaving the town residents in their newfound cage, like chickens waiting to to be robbed of their eggs, and then decapitated.

Meanwhile, in the attic above the slaughterhouse, more than 100 outcasts from society had gathered. This was the first time that disparate cults came together for a common goal. 

The Circus Freaks were there, of course, led by Clevis.

The Satanic Worshippers were in great attendance. Hailing from as far away as California.

The Beasts were there.

As were the Cannibals of Bancroft.

The Coven arrived in great numbers, and the Souls of the Possessed brought some of the most disturbing freaks out of the woodwork.

It is said that the screams were deafening that night, as each of the different cults tortured and dismembered - and even consumed - the 54 residents of Westport.

The time is ripe for another purge, and this year may be the one. Come see for yourselves. They say the vacant hallways still echo with the torturous noises of that bloody night.

If all Hell breaks loose, the basement of the Hotel attaches to an abandoned tunnel that can be used to get to the Fun Park behind the building.